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Course Outline

This course of Bible studies is designed to help people discover the answers to the basic questions concerning what being a Christian is all about. It may help you to grow if you have just become a Christian, or it may be a part of your search to know the truth about Jesus.

The reason for doing these studies is not merely to accumulate information. It is hoped that the studies will serve to open up and deepen a relationship with the Living God as he communicates with you through his Word. For that reason, it is recommended that each study should begin with prayer, asking God to reveal himself.

How it works

Each study leads you through a couple of passages of Scripture that speak about the topic under discussion. These notes are based on the New International Version of the Bible, though you may use a different version if you prefer. Your Bible will have an index in the front which will enable you to find the different books in the Bible that you will need to read.

Once you have found the book of the Bible that is assigned to be read, you can look for the particular passage. In these notes, the first number after the name of the book refers to the chapter in that book. That number is followed by a colon, after which are the numbers of the verses to be read. A semi-colon separates two distinct passages.

For example:
• Genesis 1:1-5 signifies verses 1 to 5 in the first chapter of the book of Genesis
• Exodus 5:1,3,7 indicates that you should read the first, third, and seventh verses in the fifth chapter of the book of Exodus
• Matthew 3:16 - 4:3 means the passage that goes from the sixteenth verse of chapter 3 right through to the third verse of chapter 4 in the book of Matthew.
• John 3:10; 4:2 refers to the tenth verse of chapter 3 and the second verse of chapter 4 in John

There are two ways in which these Bible studies can be followed. While the studies are designed to be done personally, we suggest two alternatives to make sure that you make the most of the material.

A. Private Study

Ideally, everyone who is working through these studies will have a helper with whom they can talk about the issues that are raised. That person should be a more mature Christian who is familiar with the material covered. If you know somebody like that, it would be great to ask if they would help you by following the course with you. You could meet together for about one hour each week to discuss any questions that may arise in the studies.

If you do not know anybody who would be able to help you in this way, we would be happy to provide you with a tutor who can keep in touch with you by e-mail. If you contact us at church@tkc.com and let us know your e-mail address, we will arrange to put you in touch with somebody who can help you.

B. Group Study

In addition to these Bible Study outlines, we have made some notes available to facilitate working through the studies in a group setting. These notes are geared toward small groups meeting every 2 or 3 weeks; there are notes for six such small group discussions.

The first group discussion is intended to provide an introduction to the course, and an encouragement to the participants to embark on their studies. The following five sets of Notes for Group Discussion provide an opportunity to come together after each individual has completed a section of the studies to compare the insights they have gained, to ask any questions that have arisen, and to review together how we may apply the material that we have each been working on.


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